Cross-platform Support

Our Artificial intelligence training platform can support cross-platform, Mac, PC, iOS, Android, even TFT system, you can log in with your private account .
No longer limit to time, place, or device, really entering the Internet of Things (IoT) era

Artificial Intelligent Algorithm

AI algorithm is bringing new opportunities to many industries, whether it is self-driving or unmanned stores, the new era of industrial innovation has arrived! This opportunity also occurs in the fitness industry. You don’t need to queue for a private trainer to train with you or wait for an available spot in the gym! We transform the smart training courses into educational material available for everyone. And combine with self-developed machine learning method, provide you with whole new experience of Effective target training.

Customized regulatory workout

Do you think you can build muscles and avoid sport injuries with a private trainer or attend training courses? Do you know that sweating doesn’t equal to efficient workout? We want to avoid all the above. You can start exercising whenever and wherever you want. No more private courses, over-training, no more sport injuries. We use sensors to monitor your condition to ensure a more focused workout and to achieve your goal more easily!